Curtain Call: Lin is a violent beauty

By Joseph Prattrpratt@civitasmedia.comPianist Jenny Lin performed as an instillation in the Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association’s (SOPAA) programming. She is second to last, with “West Wide Story” wrapping up this season on April 21.Lin told the audience that she has been working on the programming for “The Composer-Pianist: The Art of Transcriptions and Arrangements” for a year and that she has aimed to create the sound of ...

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College athletes have right to unionize

By Frank Lewisflewis@civitasmedia.comIf there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is not to trust my knee-jerk reaction to anything. When I first heard that the National Labor Relations Board ruled the Northwestern University football team could unionize, I had all of these horrible thoughts come to my mind.I thought about it changing the entire landscape of the so-called “student athlete” system. I thought about the devastation of a str...

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Don’t drive what you can’t park

By Frank Lewisflewis@civitasmedia.comI have come to the conclusion that people should not purchase bigger vehicles than they have the ability to park between two yellow lines on a parking lot. I think there is a lot of individual space for parking spots on most commercial parking lots, but every day I see about as many trucks and SUVs parked across those lines as I see people running red lights, and that is a lot.Our parking lot is used all day long by people ...

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Curtain Call: SOPAA’s Miracle Worker

The Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association (SOPAA) is coming close to the end of their 2013-14 season, which will end April 21 with the musical production of West Side Story. The most recent production the group brought through the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts (VRCFA) was “The Miracle Worker,” which was produced by the Montana Repertory Theatre. The lower tier was packed, as I sat with a group of other locals, gathered to watch the timeless story of Helen Keller and her often...

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Parity has arrived in the NCAA

By Frank Lewisflewis@civitasmedia.comThe NCAA Basketball Tournament is fun to watch again. I remember as far back as the eighties, Howard Cossell, who spoke more knowledge about sports than anyone, other than maybe Roy Firestone, said parity was on its way. He said the day of single team domination was nearly gone.

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Letter to the editor

On Sunday March 16th, 2014 a comic strip was published...

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