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WPAY Radio “Man on the Street” interview around 1950 submitted by Craig Shaw.

Craig Shaw wrote: This is Harold Arthurs of WPAY conducting an interview in front of Kresge’s on Chillicothe Street.

Ron Gulley wrote: Bill Dawson also did the “Man On The Street” and gave out coupons for a free bottle of Barq’s Root Beer. I got my share.

Karen Sue Wikoff wrote: I was hoping someone would recognize the lady and the little girl.

Cindy Albrecht Doerr wrote: I love the human interest shots.

Buck Glenn wrote: Note the picture windows, Kresge’s 5 & 10 cent store.

Marylin Ottney wrote: Kresge’s was my favorite store when I was a kid. If it were still there, probably would still be.

Jan Thompson wrote: I love this! Look at that microphone! The store windows!

Naomi Louise Ferguson wrote: At Kresge’s I still have my 10 speed bike I got for my birthday back in 1974. Mom got me out of school early and took me there to get my bike that day. I’ll never forget that.


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