Northwest alters schedule to give field a break

By Chris Slone

August 5, 2014

Chris Slone


When the 2014 football season officially begins, the Northwest Mohawks will not be kicking off the opening week at home like the season schedule indicates.

Because of a renovation issue dealing with the football field that occurred during the summer break, the Mohawks will be playing Southeastern at a site yet to be determined.

“We are hoping to be on there by week two,” Frantz said. “Week one just looks like it’s in jeopardy right now just because we are giving the field as much time as we can.”

According to Frantz, no decisions have been made past the opening week of the season. As for the location, Northwest is still weighting its options.

“We are exploring the options of a couple of different places where we may be able to play right now,” Frantz said.

Over the summer, Northwest upgraded the track and the football field. According to Frantz, the track hasn’t been used for competitions in the last three or four years, and needed an upgrade. The modification is almost completed on that portion of the renovation.

As far as the football field, Northwest decided to add some dirt and re-crown the field out of necessity. Once the renovators went to re-seed the field, they noticed the water pump had malfunctioned, which caused an unexpected delay in the process.

Those issues have since been resolved. However, their wasn’t enough time for the improvements to take affect.

“The water pump as been fixed and grass is beginning to grow on the field. But we are going to try to give it that first week off since we play Southeastern at home to give it some more time and more rest,” Frantz said.

Northwest has also been juggling the first two weeks of its soccer schedule, although nothing has been finalized. Officials have been looking at alternate places to play as well as switching home-and-home dates with teams like Minford. The Mohawks will now travel to play the Falcons early in the season and Minford will pay a visit to Northwest later in the year. The opposite originally held true.

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