Portsmouth Ambulance waits on decision to service Ky.

By Frank Lewis

May 13, 2014

By Frank Lewis


Portsmouth Ambulance Service will have to wait at least 90 days before they can find out whether they will be granted certification to offer emergency and transport service to South Shore, Ky.

South Shore officials learned last week that KDMC Ambulance Service will suspend service to that community on June 1 of this year. Monday morning, Mike Adkins of Portsmouth Ambulance attended a 911 meeting at the South Shore Fire Department, and came out of that meeting telling the Daily Times he had plans to attempt to get certified in South Shore.

Adkins appeared in Greenup Fiscal Court Tuesday morning and addressed the court, telling Judge Robert “Bobby” Carpenter, he believes one ambulance from Greenup EMS is not enough, and that he would like to be certified in South Shore. For a brief moment in the court, Carpenter said he was under the impression that Greenup EMS was going to provide two ambulances, but South Shore Mayor Cheryl Moore shook her head “no.”

Adkins’ appeal was based on the fact that he goes through the west end of South Shore nearly every day, since his company services Lewis County, Ky.

“We’re going to take 90 days to look at this,” Carpenter said.

Now Adkins must wait for a decision which has to go through the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) to determine the Certificate of Need (CON). A certificate of need is required in order for a service to be certified.

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