Greenup Farmer’s Bureau Easter Egg Hunt attracts hundreds

By Portia Williams

April 19, 2014

By Portia Williams


GREENUP — More than six thousand eggs were distributed at the Greenup County Farm Bureau, Saturday at its office on U.S. 23 and Ky. 2 in Greenup.

Terry Osborne, President of the Greenup County Farm Bureau said the Easter egg hunt is something they wanted to host for the community.

“We have done several other things for the community in the past. We are having our first Easter egg hunt, its sponsored by the Greenup County Farm Bureau. We were expecting to have about 200 kids, but we have a lot more than that out today (Satruday),” Osborne said.

He said the egg hunt event also serves as a means of agricultural education for participating youth. Meeting “Gertie” the artificial milkable cow was one of the event’s highlights.

“For instance, like with our artificial milkcow, a lot of kids have never had the opportunity to milk a cow, or to have the process explained to them about the importance of cows, and where the milk comes from. Most of them just think that it comes from Kroger,” he said.

To reinforce their commitment of agricultural awareness, the Greenup Farm Bureau also provided hayrides, youth the opportunity to meet local farmers to answer any questions.

Farm Bureau members, with the help of the Greenup FFA, filled the thousands of eggs with candy, stickers and coupons from Greenup businesses like McDonald’s and Little Caesar’s.

The plastic eggs also include stickers that list some of the benefits of membership.

The egg hunt, which began at 1:30 p.m., allowed area youth to hunt 6,000 filled eggs.

According to Osborne, the portion of the annual $25 membership fee is kept by the bureau, and is spent in the local community.

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