Lewis County sheriff proactive about heroin

By Portia Williams

April 3, 2014

By Portia Williams


LEWIS COUNTY, Ky. — Lewis County Sheriff Johnny Bivens, said heroin is no longer a ‘big-city’ problem in regard to the recent influx of the drug into the county at a recent town hall meeting held in Vanceburg, Ky.

“Traditionally thought of as a problem confined to the big cities, desperate people and dark alleys, heroin has found a new foothold in Appalachia’s small towns and communities,” Bivens said.

According to Bivens, the town meeting was well-supported, with more than 70 attendees that came out. He said the increasing problem with heroin in Lewis County is a new problem.

“I think we’re seeing more of it on the eastern-end of the county, but I believe much of the heroin that we are getting is coming from Scioto County, which has been networked from Detroit,” he said. “We haven’t even seen this problem until about two months ago. Since that time, we have made about six arrests that are heroin-related.”

According to Bivens, the current price of heroin is approximately $20 per capsule, which is per dose.

“I am trying to be as proactive as I can. I am talking to the Fiscal Court about giving us some more financial contributions, so that we can add more officers, and prepare for this,” he said. “Heroin is not the problem. Addiction is the problem.”

He said the solution the battle to fight heroin will be won through educating the public.

“We’ve got to continue to educate people, not only young people, but older people, and everyone. Education and awareness is the key,” he said. “Someone said, ‘We can’t arrest out of this problem,’ we’ve got to face it head on.”

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