Eden Park sewer project nearly a year behind schedule

By Wayne Allen

March 13, 2014

By Wayne Allen


Since beginning construction, the $2.3 million Eden Park Sewer System has seen its fair share of delays. The project was originally slated to be completed in August of 2013 and is now projected to be complete in July of 2014.

“They bumped it up again and now the completion date is the first part of July now. I was in a meeting yesterday where they talked about this,” said Doug Coleman, Scioto County Commissioner.

The projects original project completion date was Aug. 5, 2013.

When asked why they are so far behind schedule, Coleman had no comment at this time.

In January, Scioto County Sanitary Engineer Joe Delong acknowledged the project entered meditation. Danielle Parker, assistant Scioto County prosecuting attorney, said through the meditation process an interim agreement was agreed upon between the two parties, the county and project contractor J&H Erectors. Parker said J&H Erectors did agree to complete the job done, with any issues or claims being reserved.

One stipulation written into the original contract is that for every day that the project runs over its original completion date, the company will be assessed $1,500 in liquidated damages. When asked if the $1,500 in liquidated damages is still being assessed, Delong said, “we are still deducting monies from their estimate, yes.”

Delong said he could not acknowledge the amount being assessed because the issue is in meditation. When asked the same question, Parker said, “there is still an assessment that is involved.” She said the assessment is now $1,000 a day and that was mutually agreed upon between the two parties.

Scioto County Commissioner Mike Crabtree said on Thursday that assessment will continue until the project is complete.

“If it keeps on going maybe they’ll eat up all the money and start paying us (Scioto County),” Crabtree said.

In October of 2013, the Scioto County commissioners signed an amended agreement with Strand Associates to extend their involvement in the Eden Park Sanitary Sewer project into 2014.

“Strand (Associates) is not only the ones who designed the Eden Park Sewer Project, they are also the inspecting authority. Since the project has run past its anticipated completion date, the additional time they (Strand Associates) have to spend on the project will be billed on an hourly basis,” Crabtree said. “The original agreed amount (between Strand Associates and the county) was $343,000. They are anticipating the number of hours not to exceed $162,000. That would bring their portion of the project to $505,000.”

Crabtree said he assumes the additional fee will be paid for out of the liquidated damages portion of the project budget.

Once installed, the system will serve about 230 residents and businesses. The system will run along Ohio 139 and Munn’s Run northeast of New Boston.

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