Area rallies behind child battling cancer

By Frank Lewis

March 5, 2014

By Frank Lewis


Kiara Euton is a nine-year-old New Boston Elementary School student, who, on the surface, appears to be way too young to be going through a devastating illness. But last week she was diagnosed with the sporadic type of burkitts lymphoma which affects the organs.

Burkitt’s lymphoma (Burkitt’s tumor, Burkitt lymphoma, or malignant lymphoma, Burkitt’s type) is a cancer of the lymphatic system (in particular, B lymphocytes). It is named after Denis Parsons Burkitt, a surgeon who first described the disease in 1958 while working in equatorial Africa. Currently Burkitt’s lymphoma can be divided into three main clinical variants: the endemic, the sporadic, and the immunodeficiency-associated variants.

“She originally went to the hospital with a stomach ache,” Trena Culp, Kiara’s grandmother, said.

Kiara is currently in Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, and her mother is staying at her side around the clock. That arrangement has presented the family with expenses, and friends and family are asking the public to help defray the costs incurred by Kiara’s mother.

Funds have been set up on Terry Sparks’ Facebook account and at US Bank in New Boston.

“They (US Bank) said that all they have to do is say they wanted to donate to Kiara Euton, and they would know the account,” Culp said.

Sparks has been involved in helping to raise money for Kiara’s family.

“Terry started a fundraiser on Facebook,” Culp said. “I have shirts that are being made from Mary’s Jewelry Outlet. They can order them there (Facebook).”

Culp said New Boston Biddyball is having a tournament this weekend, and the proceeds will go to the fund.

“None of us have ever been involved in anything like this or had to deal with anything like this, so we’re just dumbfounded,” Culb said.

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