Work Farm workers perform improvements at courthouse

By Portia Williams

March 5, 2014

By Portia Williams


GREENUP, Ky. — The improvements that are underway at the Greenup County Courthouse are a win-win situation. Participants from the Greenup County Detention Center’s Work Farm program have been helping with improvements of the building, and Greenup County Executive Judge Bobby Carpenter said the work is coming along very well.

“It’s really coming together. It is really looking good. What we are doing is utilizing our Work Farm people. In the winter time you can’t hardly work them outside, and so we have them inside working. They’ve cleaned all of the floors downstairs, and now they are upstairs working on it. The courthouse looks excellent.,” Carpenter said.

According to Carpenter, the Work Farm program is an alternative sentencing program.

“Instead of these individuals being placed in jail, they get to go home every evening, and they are not incarcerated. They are given a certain amount of time on the Work Farm, and they’re working it out,” he said. This keeps our jails free of the ones that come in a stay for only two or three days,” he said.

Carpenter utilizing the Work Farm participants saves the county thousands of dollars.

“We’ve changed the color of the walls and now they’re doing the trim on the downstairs, and getting ready to start on the upstairs, then we’ll finish that up, and by that time they ought to be able to go back outside and start working again,” he said.

He said the work began as a clean up project at the courthouse.

“I initiated project to get them out here and clean up. That is how it all started, then it kind of evolved, and more of us got involved with it. We have been having a ball with it,” he said.

There have been as many as 18 people from the Work Farm program doing the work at the courthouse, but some have been moved to another location to work.

Carpenter anticipates at least two more weeks until all of the work is complete at the courthouse.

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