Career Technical Center ready for open house

By Portia Williams

February 15, 2014

By Portia Williams


Scioto County Career Technical Center possesses pride in the programs that they offer, and will host an Open House event Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, from 5 to 8 p.m. to highlight the what their students are learning at SCCTC. The evening will begin with parent/teacher conferences from 3 to 5 p.m., with the open house to immediately follow.

For Stan Jennings, superintendent of SCCTC, excitement is an understatement in regard to the upcoming open house.

“This is Career/Technical Education month, and we do every year at this time to highlight what we are doing in our programs. We try to work with the community as best we can, and kind of show off—-show what our kids can, what our kids are doing, and what our programs are about, the equipment that we have and those kinds of things,” Jennings said.

He said they take pride in the campus and their programs.

“We are very proud of our campus. We have a lot of new programs here, and anybody that has been familiar with the campus, and maybe has not been back for a few years might be surprised of how much the campus has changed,” he said.

Open house attendees will have the opportunity to partake in a free chili supper, and enjoy a live radio remote. Compliments of the SCCTC Nursing Programs, there will be a health component to the event also.

“Some other things that will be free of charge, is blood pressure and glucose checks. Our Nursing Programs will be taking those,” Jennings said.

He said special items will be given away, which will include very nice items.

“All of the programs will have items that they have made, or something from their program that represents their program. This year our Auto Body Program has just finished renovating a car, and we are doing one-dollar raffle. For one dollar you’ll five tickets and have a chance to walk away with a car, so we think that’s pretty exciting,” he said.

Jennings said SCCTC is also making efforts to reassemble their Alumni Program.

“One of the new things that we’re doing this year is about our alumni groups, we’re trying to get our alumni groups back together. We are having a special station just for alumni, if they’ll stop by and see me. We want to get everyone’s contact information, and we will have a special section table reserved just for alumni,” he said.

Jennings said he is particularly looking for Drafting Program alumni.

“I would like for any graduates from the Drafting Program to come out and see me. Winnie Keaton, one of the former Drafting teachers is going to be here, and we hope to have Mike Ferguson as well,” he said.

He said they will reach out to prospective SCCTC students who may have in interest in their programs.

“Both our Secondary, and our Post Secondary Operations will have people here. Especially on the post secondary side, you may see a program that you are really interested in, and would like to get your name in for it. For instance, if you want to go into Masonry, you will be able to see what the masons are actually building at this time,” he said.

Jennings also said they hope to see recent SCCTC graduates at the open house, so that they may keep in touch with them as well.

“I have been here for nearly 30 years, and we’ve had a lot of students over the course of the years that we would love to see again,” he said.

Portia Williams can be reached at 740-353-3101, ext. 286, or on Twitter @PortiaWillPDT.