Genealogy and local history starts church count project

By Portia Williams

February 14, 2014

By Portia Williams


GREENUP, Ky. — A church count project is underway at the Greenup County (Ky.) Public Library, and the Genealogy and Local History departments are inviting Greenup County community to get involved.

Vicki Evans, the head of the Genealogy and Local History department said the project was birthed by a simple question asked by Dr. Brom of Flatwoods, who serves as the president of the library board of directors.

“The president of our board of directors came in asked us a simple question. If we had any idea of how many churches we have in the county? Somebody had told him 600, and he thought that was a little bit off,” Evans said.

She said the question triggered the beginning of an effort to discover just how many active churches there are in Greenup County.

“So we are working now to get an account of active churches in Greenup County. We are putting it out there on Facebook, having people contact us here at the library, and word of mouth right now,” Evans said.

According to Evans, the progress of the project is going well, although she is not sure of the number of churches located as of yet.

“We are getting a good response to it now, but I haven’t put all of my information into the data base yet. What we are looking for is the names of the active churches, the name of the current pastor, and the number of members that they have right now at this given time. There are some small churches that may only have 15 members, but then you have the larger ones, but mostly everyone knows about the larger ones, it’s the smaller ones,” she said.

Basically, Evans said the church count project is just a census for the year 2014 of the active churches in Greenup County.

She said the project will be beneficial to the Genealogical and local history departments.

“The benefits for us in the Genealogy and local history section is that we will be able to put a binder together, and 25, 50, or 100 years down the road if someone comes in to research their family history, and they want to know what churches their relatives attended will have access to this list of churches for the year of 2014,” Evans said.

Evans is encouraging all local residents to contact the Greenup County Public Library to offer information about churches. Church count project information may be submitted by e-mail to greenupgenealogy@gmail.com, or calls can be made to the library at 606-473-6514.

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