Solid Waste District sees record recycling

By Wayne Allen

February 12, 2014

By Wayne Allen


The Lawrence-Scioto County Solid Waste Management District is reporting record recycling levels for 2013, receiving 2,011 tons of recycling from residents of Lawrence and Scioto Counties.

“We started this program in 2006 and I thought by 2012 it (recycling) would have leveled off. As you can see by these figures, we’re seeing gradual growth each year,” said Dan Palmer, Director of the Lawrence-Scioto County Solid Waste Management District. “In 2013 we collected over 2,000 tons, I think that’s amazing.”

He said the recycled material consists of magazines, newspapers, metal cans and cardboard.

Palmer said he can attribute the gradual growth to several things, “I think we have a great program going. Our locations are convenient for the public, where they don’t sort of separate. Also the work of Stephanie Helms (Community Outreach Coordinator/Education Specialist) is vital. When you start with the youth I think they help train their parents.”

Palmer said one example in Scioto County would the Clay Local School District, who recently signed on to start a district-wide recycling program.

“We now have over 80 percent of our schools, in the district (Scioto and Lawrence Counties) involved in recycling. I attribute a lot of that number to her (Helms) work,” Palmer said.

Palmer said there are 35 recycling sites throughout Scioto and Lawrence Counties with 89 containers.

“When we first started (in 2006) we had 29 sites, 12 in Lawrence, 17 in Scioto. Look what we’re up to now,” Palmer said. “That’s tremendous growth I think.”

Within the city of Portsmouth there are containers located at Barbour Auto Parts 915 11th St., 1100 Block of 3rd St. (Alley of Fenton/Waller), Portsmouth Square 1600-1700 block of 11th St., SOMC Property 17th & Oakland Ave., and one located at the Portsmouth Public Library 1220 Gallia St. In Washington Township there is a container located at Earl Thomas Conley Park 15888 St. Rt. 52 West Portsmouth. Other locations in West Portsmouth include West Side IGA 2335 Galena Pike and Super Quik 1051 Galena Pike. In Wheelersburg there are containers located at, Lowe’s 7915 Ohio River Rd. Chevron Mart 109 St. Rt. 522 and Kroger 9101 Ohio River Rd. In Clay Township there is a container located at Valley United Methodist Church - 4720 Old Scioto Trail. In Bloom Township there are containers located at Bloom-Vernon Ball Field - 30 Tripp St., Bloom-Vernon High School - 10529 Main St. In Valley Township there is a container located at the Valley Township Fire Dept. 219 Beechwood Ave. and 1st Stop (County Store) - 35 Lucasville-Minford Rd. In Franklin Furnace there is a container located at Senior Citizen Center 144 Gervais Rd. In New Boston there is a container at K Mart 225 West Ave. In Nile Township there is a container located at the Nile Trustee’s Building 12215 U.S. Rt. 52 and in Harrison Township there is a container located at the Portsmouth Regional Airport - 130 Barklow Rd., (Off Route 335) in Minford.

Palmer said the sites that sees the most use in Scioto County is site located in Clay Township at Valley United Methodist Church and the container located in West Portsmouth and the West Side IGA.

In 2010 the district reported receiving 1,376.09 tons of recyclable material, in 2011 the district reported receiving 1,589.88 tons of recyclable material. In 2012 the district reported receiving 1,782.29 tons of recyclable material. For 2013, the highest month for recycling in the district was November with 203.81 tons.

For more information about the Lawrence-Scioto County Solid Waste Management District recycling program visit, www.lsswmd.org.

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