Letter to the editor

January 17, 2014

Why is it so difficult for the City of Portsmouth to pick up trash on a normal schedule? I moved back to Portsmouth in May 2012 and bought my house in August 2012. After Labor Day was the first I learned of the “Holiday Skip Day” for trash pick-up. However, I often was not aware of which holidays were city holidays, like since when is Good Friday a government holiday of any type?

October thru January really keeps me on my toes as to what day my trash will be picked up, since there are so many holidays. Somehow Christmas and New Years Day, two holidays, caused a three day jump in trash day? I’m beyond confused and frustrated and if I completely understand why that woman dumped her trash in the Mayors office in September 2011. One might argue, it’s “just trash” but leaving trash on the curb for more than 24 hours allows for possible trash being blown all over littering the street, or worse for potential thieves to go through it.

If the city is not capable of managing a normal trash collection schedule, then how can the city manage larger issues, that by all means Portsmouth does have many larger issues, like all the break ins. Which is a topic of mine for another letter.

Sarah Bramblette

Portsmouth, Ohio