Out of sight, still in mind

December 21, 2013

Bob Strickley

PDT Content Manager

Almost three years ago I came to the Daily Times unsure of what to expect. Most people go into their first day on the job wide-eyed and worried. My case wasn’t any different.

Now, I leave the Daily Times and Portsmouth wide-eyed, but not at all worried about the direction of the paper or the city. The hardworking staff of the Daily Times, much beleaguered through admittedly tumultuous times in the newspaper industry and the economy, has done a commendable job as the leading news source for our area.

I like to think I had a small part in seeing this publication produce more local content on more platforms than it ever has before, but the credit belongs with the small, but dedicated staff I have grown to consider family.

Wayne Allen, Frank Lewis, Ryan Ottney and Portia Williams spend every moment of their consciousness thinking about our community and how to keep you informed.

Our sports guys, Cody Leist and Chris Slone, know the area’s sports beats inside and out. Just follow Cody on Twitter and you’ll be a southern Ohio sports expert in a day’s time.

Our area has seen some shift from the gloom and doom of backward leadership, drugs and economic strife.

In the time I have lived and worked in Portsmouth, I have seen a marked change in the direction of both Scioto County and the city. We seem to have competent, responsible, conscientious leaders in the places where we need them be it the county commissioners, city council/city manager or the Southern Ohio Port Authority. I know that thought can be hard to read for some of the hardened skeptics who have grown so fond of contrary stances or filling my inbox with love letters… I always invited your thoughts and will surely miss you too.

To build on the great aspects that already exist, I really believe that Portsmouth is primed to be the example of a town that reversed unfortunate circumstances and found great success. The possibilities are here, they just need the proper guidance and support. I’m not bright enough to pinpoint that guidance or direction, but it is out there waiting to be tapped.

On a more personal level, I have developed an intense appreciation for the people here. With the fair share of negativity we have to report, there is never a shortage of breathtaking hospitality and humanitarian efforts happening in our coverage area. Even those with nothing to give find something, some way to give. It has been truly remarkable to observe.

So why am I ruminating on all these things? Get to the probably obvious point already, Bob!

The point is, like I’ve mentioned, I’m leaving Portsmouth. But I’m not really leaving. I’ve been presented a next step within our publication’s parent company, but in my heart I’ll only be steps away from Portsmouth. This has become my home. From all the warts to all the warmth, I’ve adopted Portsmouth as a place with which I want to be identified.

More than any of the several places I’ve worked and lived, I want people to know I lived, experienced and loved Portsmouth.

So it is goodbye for now, but I hope we will be seeing more of each other in the future. I will miss you southern Ohio.

Bob Strickley can be reached at 353-3101, ext. 296, or bstrickley@civitasmedia.com. For breaking local news or news at Bob’s next destination, follow Bob on Twitter @rjstrickleyjr.