Heavy rains cause flooding and mudslides

By Frank Lewis

December 5, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

City crews in Portsmouth were kept busy Thursday dealing with flooding, mudslides and sewer backups after heavy rains struck the area.

“We had several from the Police Department,” Brian Stidham of the Sewer Department said. “We had several from landowners too. It has been really bad, especially up towards Kinney’s Lane. We’d fight the leaves there. We’d leave that area and look in our rear view mirrors and it would be stopped up again from all the leaves.”

Stidham said the new Notre Dame High School parking lot created a runoff of mud from the hillside.

“We did maintenance on it all week getting ready for it,” Stidham said. “Then, this morning the guys went back out and made sure they got everything they could. But there has been a lot of leaves falling off the trees and they’re piled up in the road. Then the people, when they rake them, they rake them out in the street there, and the street crew comes and sucks them up with the sweeper, and maybe they’re just not getting to them fast enough. But it has just been really bad this year.”

City Service Director Bill Beaumont said midway through the day he had talked with Jack Tackett who is in charge of traffic, and he told Beaumont he didn’t find many problems as a result of the rains.

“We had some flooding in the transfer station - a drain backed up some - but we’re back in operation on that,” Beaumont said. “And we did get some calls about a few landslides - one out on Harrisonville Avenue, out 139.”

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