You Know You’re From Portsmouth If …

November 24, 2013

Washington School 5th Grade Class

submitted by Mary Tanner

Ashley Arnett wrote: Oh Mary, I could spot you as soon as I saw this picture. lol Front and center you still look the same!!

Mary Adams Gregory wrote: Mary, what year did you graduate? I went to PHS with Marcella Cave and Brenda Melvin, but I’m thinking that you may be younger than I am. I graduated in 1970. Love the picture and wish I had some of mine. We had 9 children in our family and very seldom bought school pictures, at least not the group pictures…too poor! I loved Marcella and Brenda! Also, I graduated with Clancy Parker and many others who may have gone to Washington. Thanks for sharing!!!

Mary A. Tanner wrote: Ms. Mary did you graduate with Thomas Tanner? If so, he’s my brother.

Jeanne Multer Parr wrote: I graduated with Tom Tanner in 70 along with Mary. @Mary Tanner, I remember you as well.

Dave Huffman wrote: Is that Mr. Berkley? I remember him from PHS.

Jeanne Multer Parr wrote: I believe I remember this teacher also from PHS.

Karen Leach-Dorius wrote: I recognize two people, Jody Lisath and Gary Hairston. They graduated with me in the class of 71. This must be in the early 60s.

Ken Kozee wrote: Mary Alice was my neighbor at Farley Court about this time. Her brother Thomas and I were good friends. Then my mom moved us back to Floyd County, Ky. and I had to leave all my friends. 

Thomas Tommy L Tanner II wrote: Well, I can say yes that is my Aunt Mary A. Tanner front and center.

Priscilla L. Atkinson wrote: Worked with Tom Tanner at Star. He always had us laughing and got along with the Star workshop workers.

Thomas Tommy L Tanner II wrote: Ms Priscilla that was my Dad.