When “Like” happens…

By Frank Lewis

November 4, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Like – the new universal word.

I don’t know if it just slipped by us. Maybe you have heard it so much, you don’t even notice it. Maybe it has even taken over your vocabulary. When we weren’t looking, someone came in, hijacked our language, and replaced entire sentences with one word – “like.”

Who knew you didn’t have to say – “When I told him it was going to be a surprise he responded with, that is amazing.” All you had to say is – “I was like – surprised and he was like – amazing.” Why did I have to pass all of those classes dealing with grammar? Why did I sweat sentence structure and speech?

I overheard two women in a restaurant say – “I was like, yeah, and he was like, yeah, and I was like, shut up, and he was like, oh yeah.”

Have you also noticed with the creation of the new universal word, there are no more absolutes? Nothing is large, it is “like large.” Nothing is just cool. It’s now – “That was like cool.” I have heard entire conversations in which the syntax was so fast it bordered on unintelligible, but I could understand every third word – every third word was “like.”

I interviewed a young lady who was vying for a pageant title. I asked her what she had to do as a part of the process leading up to the pageant. She said – “you have to like get involved in like community stuff and like put down the hours you like volunteer so that it is like on your record. You get like points for it.”


We, and by we, I mean, my generation – the old people, want to say to people in the current generation – “slow down, think what you are about to say, and make a complete sentence.” However, we never do that because we would just be called what we are – old!

So, like I just thought I would like give you my like observations and stuff like that for a few like minutes, so that you could like laugh and nod your head in some sort of symbol of agreement.

Hey, you know something I think I’m like getting the hang of this. Like nevermind.

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