You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

November 3, 2013

Stephenson’s Market submitted by Linda Arthurs Jennings

Joni Bray wrote: There was a Stephenson’s Market on Grant St. It sat between Summit and High street. I remember it having a barber shop (Tom Orth’s) right next to it.

Sue Lipscomb wrote: Stephenson’s Market in my old childhood neighborhood - High, Summit and Grant. The building is still there…amazing and so glad!

Gp Cantrell wrote: Many hair cuts at Tom Orth’s barber shop.

Howard F. Gemperline II wrote: Yes indeed this is the side that faced the alley at the end the barber shop.

Dennis Diles wrote: GP, Tom Orth was my barber also.

Sharon Ward Coburn wrote: I bought my first Hula Hoop there in about 1959/60.

Linda Switzer wrote: I walked by it every day on my way to Highland school.

Debby Huffman Mersiel wrote: Tom Orth was my uncle. He was one of a kind! For years he would give care to a gentleman who was bedfast. His mother could not lift him so Tom would get him in and out of bed, and of course, shave him and gave him haircuts. I think he made more than one trip a day to that home.

Tamara Meese wrote: @ Debby - that is precious of your uncle. A selfless act of compassion.

Cindy Greathouse wrote: I remember this place. Dee & LuLu Stephenson went to our church on Hutchins…Calvary Baptist.