Loft-y fright

By Frank Lewis

October 27, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT staff Writer

The Costume Emporium Plus, at 617 Second St. in Portsmouth is a dual source this Halloween season. Not only do they have costumes for those spooky events, but they are also offering a haunted loft tour in their upstairs, and with good reason.

“We were approached by a local ghost hunters group, AAPI, Appalachian After-life Paranormal Investigators, and they had heard through word of mouth, with the different events that customers and various people have seen and felt while shopping in our building,” Bud Boggs, of The Costume Emporium Plus, said. “They contacted us and asked if they could come an investigate. So we allowed them to come in.”

Boggs said the group wired the building with cameras and much of the same equipment, minus the infra-red cameras, that is used by the ghost hunters on television.

“So they came in and did what they do - recorded a lot of phenomena, electric voice phenomenon, and other hits on their equipment, so much so that they thought it was interesting enough to come back a second weekend,” Boggs said. “So they did a two weekend investigation. So we have decided to share that with the community.”

Boggs said his family has had the building 10 years, and they take a very respectful approach toward whatever they share their space with.

“It has been evident to us over the 10 years that we’ve had the building there are noises and bangs and occurrences that happen when there’s nobody up here,” Boggs said. “It’s through the rest of the building too. We just kind of focused on cleaning up one part of the building that we can tour people through.”

Boggs said eventually he would like to accommodate overnight stays for people who wish to experience spend the night in a haunted location.

Tours are being held in the evenings through the remainder of this month and into November. The tours will then be available by appointment for groups of six people or more. Bookings are available by calling the Costume Emporium Plus at 740-353-9100.

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