NB Police encourage early reporting of missing children

By Frank Lewis

October 25, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

A New Boston family and New Boston Police had a few anxious hours Wednesday when a 12-year-old boy was reported missing after leaving school in the afternoon.

“Apparently the boy didn’t come home from school at 3 (p.m.) and she (mother) told officers last night (Wednesday) that she had been looking for him, trying to track him down all evening, and she finally made a decision to call us at 8:30 last night and said ‘I can’t find my son,’” New Boston Police Captain Steve Goins said.

New Boston Police are involved with a non-profit organization “A Child is Missing.org” which is free to law enforcement. The program utilizes an automated system in which the information is put in, and it will send calls out to everybody in the 456 (New Boston) area. Goins said he received a call at his house before he knew there was a missing child.

“So when the officer took the message from her last night after she finally called and reported it, we called that place and they activated that call system for us,” Goins said.”Last night was the first time we had activated it and it looked like it worked OK. It gets the message out to the people.”

Goins said the search came to an end shortly thereafter.

“He was found 20 minutes later after the mother finally reported him missing,” Goins said. “They found him at a friend’s house down in Portsmouth.”

Goins said the mother waited almost 5 1/2 hours before reporting the child missing. He said it is important for parents to report missing children as early as possible.

“We told the mom we didn’t think it was a good idea to wait several hours and then contact us,” Goins said. “She said she was calling all over to what friends they knew. Parents kind of want to do things on their own. They think they can take care of it before we could I guess. But you never know.”

Goins said people need to be aware that children could get hurt and not be able to contact anyone, or be abducted, and the earlier a child is reported missing, the better chance that they will be able to bring the the situation to a good ending.

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