You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

October 20, 2013

Radio Personality Bill Dawson 1919-2012- Submitted by Craig Shaw

Judy Shonkwiler Simpson wrote: “Burned Toast and Coffee Time” “Brass Monkey Weather” “Indian Ice”. I’m sure there are a lot of other expressions that would make us think of him.

Tom J Keller wrote: Lots of good memories.

Jim Ottney wrote: I worked with Wild Bill at WNXT in the 1970s.

Ron Gulley wrote: He also did the “Man on the Street” and would give away coupons for a free bottle of root beer which us poor kids really enjoyed. He did this part of his show at 4th & Chillicothe on the Kobacker’s corner usually about noontime.

Kevin E. Johnson wrote: One of the greats. I really wish there were shows like his today.

Reba Holder wrote: I worked at WNXT as a copy writer when Bill did the morning show. If he did not like the ads I had written, he would pull them out of the book, throw them on the floor and ad lib his own version. He never got angry, just laughed and teased me about it

AJ Gemperline wrote: Burnt Toast and Coffee Time. I remember winning a dozen Crispie Creme Donuts because I was the right caller with the correct answer on some sports question.

Lew Lewis wrote: How about Homer Higginbottom, the imaginary engineer that Bill used to blame for all of his mistakes.