Johnson offers words of encouragement to Coalition

By Wayne Allen

October 15, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

At the Friday meeting of the Scioto County Health Coalition, a number of topics were discussed. A dominant topic was the successes the coalition has achieved and hope to achieve.

“People are beginning to see our problems are interconnected, so somehow our message is getting out and somehow people are beginning to perceive what the real problems are and how to solve things. We’re doing something right,” said Dr. Terry Johnson, Chairman of the Scioto County Health Coalition. “From the health coalition standpoint, the fact that we’ve made it to the next level is amazing.”

Johnson said the coalition has made it to the next level because coalition members have remained committed to the cause that brought them together in the first place.

Johnson then offered further words of encouragement to coalition members.

“You’ll meet a lot of obstacles particularly as we start to change things. People are not going to like some of the things we talk about. Changing lives is what this is all about,” Johnson said. “The fundamental changes in peoples lives are the hardest to do. The important thing is that as you get opposition, remember what our mission is, remember we are doing good things and starting to have an impact. Don’t let anything divert you from our success.”

Johnson said the coalition is also have an impact on area economic development.

“We’re doing things in economic development in this county and region I’d never dream we’d do in my lifetime. All of the sudden big companies from far away are looking at this area,” Johnson said. “We’ve been a part of that by telling people this (health coalition) is not just about doctors and nurses or people who work at the hospital. The problems we have are everyone’s problems and part of the solution would be giving people jobs.”

Johnson said the work of the coalition will not quit and the community will persevere.

For more information about the Scioto County Health Coalition visit, www.sciotohealth.org.

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