Faith, persistence pulled her through

By Portia Williams

October 9, 2013

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

What began as routine mammogram for Eunice Hayslip in November 2011 resulted in the diagnosis of cancer in her right breast December of that same year.

“It was very scary initially. As soon as they said the cancer word, I don’t remember much after that,” Hayslip said.

Hayslip her first visit with Dr. Vincent Scarpinato at Southern Ohio Medical Center was quite settling.

“I went to see Dr. Vincent Scarpinato, and he was so great. He told me about everything that I was going to have to go through. Between him and Dr. Sommers they were really helpful.”

Hayslip has worked as a Nurse Technician for 23 years and has been employed with Hillview Retirement Center for 13 years. She was out of work for six months while she went through a series of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

“I had to go through chemotherapy and radiation. I had four treatments of chemo which was once every three weeks.

Hayslip said the chemotherapy was extremely challenging for her.

“When I first started having my chemotherapy I started having different side effects. I would break out with a lot of itching and was in a lot of pain. Dr. Summers addressed all of my concerns and took great care of me and everything got better,” Hayslip said.

She said dealing with the radiation treatments presented another set of challenges.

“The treatments were really bad. I got really sick and I lost all of my hair. I went to Dr. Bernard, he was the radiation doctor, and he was just great. I had to have 33 radiation treatments.”

Hayslip said she is grateful to Southern Ohio Medical Center for their support. She said she always received words of encouragement from the staff of the SOMC Cancer Center which kept her going.

“The people at the SOMC Cancer Center were just great. You couldn’t ask for a better group of people,” she said.

Ultimately, Hayslip said it was her faith in God that enabled her to overcome the obstacles with her health.

“We just did a lot of praying, and the Lord is the one who gets all of the credit. He is the one who gave the doctors the knowledge to perform all of the treatments.

Hayslip said her husband Ralph, of 27 years, was very supportive during her illness.

“My husband was just so great. He was with me every step of the way. I also had a very good friend that I worked with named Debbie Reeves, she would come down everytime I had a chemo treatment and was with me during that time as well,” Hayslip said.

She said her sister Regina Chatfield also accompanied her to a few of the treatments.

Her advice to other women who battle with breast cancer is to have faith in God.

“You just have to keep your faith in God that he is going to take care of everything, that is what helped me through. I don’t know what I would have done without him on my side.”

Hayslip said she is a member of Churn Christian Union Church in Adams County which also showed her love and support during her battle with cancer.

She makes it a point to encourage other women to get an annual mammogram.

“I try to tell all women that I come in contact with to make sure that they get their yearly mammogram. Even if you don’t feel anything, that doesn’t mean that the mammogram is not going to detect something,” Hayslip said.

Hayslip had her last treatments in June of 2012 and is now cancer-free and continuing with her life, but with some limitations.

“I still have some problems, and there are some things that I am not able to do because I went through the chemotherapy.”

Overall, she said she has been blessed to get back to her life as mother of three adult children, three grandchildren, and a grandchild on the way.

Editor’s note: This is part of a series of stories noting the triumphs of local women defeating breast cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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