It is OK to ask why

By Portia Williams

September 22, 2013

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

While the world which God created is a beautiful place, unfortunately atrocities and devastations occur that leave the human spirit broken, trying to make sense of things which happen outside of the scope of what we deem to be normal.

It is part of our human proclivity to be inquisitive, to want to know the answers as to why “bad” things always happen. Why would a person go into an elementary school building, and purposefully fire shots at little children? Why would someone set off explosives and creating fatalities and life-changing injuries? Why would someone enter a naval shipyard and unload a firearm on innocent people?

My friend, I could fill this column with question after question, in regard to what seems to be a never-ending occurrence of tragic event after tragic event that leave us scratching our heads, wiping tears, and wondering, where is God in all of this?

My friend, let me assure you of something that hopefully will encourage you, even in the midst of your asking why. God sees, he hears, and he, God, is the only remedy for this broken world. The scriptures tell us that God is with us always, and that he would be with us always. You must understand that the world in which we live is crying out for God.

Many people are hurting for many different reasons, and in many cases they do not know how to deal with their pain. Unfortunately, many times innocent people fall prey to the pain of some.

God is the only answer, for he it is that offers healing of the mind, like no other source in this world can provide. Consequently, that does not mean that people should not seek out counseling, or psychological treatment, that is not what I am asserting. For it is God who has gifted man with the knowledge to understand the cognition of the human mind.

What I am simply saying is that what we all truly need is a relationship with God in order to experience true, meaningful peace and joy. Jesus is coming back one day, and when he comes he is bringing the remedy, which is himself. There will be no more pain, no more suffering, no more hatred, no more evil. Until then my friend, spend time seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ. He will fill your heart with joy unspeakable, and your sense of hope will be filled to overflowing.