Tax maps to be under Auditor’s office

By Wayne Allen

September 15, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County Commissioners recently received a legal opinion from Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Danielle Parker concerning the location of tax maps terminal.

According to a letter dated, Sept. 5 to the commissioners, authored by Parker, they requested the opinion “as to where the county tax map terminal may be located. The county tax map terminal is presently located within the courthouse office of the Scioto County Engineer.”

In her opinion Parker wrote, “Section 5713.09 of the Ohio Revised Code provides that the board of county commissioners may designate the county engineer to provide for making, correcting and keeping up to date a complete set of tax maps of the county, and shall employ the necessary number of assistants.”

According to Parker the maps are to show a number of items.

“All original lots and parcels of land, and all divisions, subdivisions and allotments thereof, with the name of the owner of each original lot or parcel and of each division, subdivision, or lot, all new divisions, subdivision, or allotments made in the county, all transfers of property, showing the lot or parcel of land transferred, the name of the grantee, and the date of the transfer so that such maps shall furnish the county auditor, for entering on the tax duplicate, a correct and proper description of each lot or parcel of land offered for transfer.”

According to, Parker Section 5713.09 of the Ohio Revised Code further provides the maps shall be of the use of the county board of revision and the auditor, and shall be kept in the office of the auditor.

“I am of the opinion that the tax maps are required by section 5713.09 of the Ohio Revised Code to be kept in the Auditor’s office. Thus, due to my understanding that is the current practice of Scioto County to only maintain tax maps in digital form upon the public terminal system until otherwise requested to provide a paper copy of specifically requested tax map set to the requesters parameters, the public terminal presently located within the courthouse office of the Scioto County Engineer is required to be located within the office of the Scioto County Auditor.”

Parker said it’s important to note, that just because the public terminal is located within the Auditor’s office, the commissioners are still required, “If it has previously designated the county engineer to make, correct and keep up to date the county tax maps, to employ the necessary assistants and appropriate funds from the county treasury for the draftsman,” Parker wrote. “Thus, moving the tax map terminal does not eliminate the statutory requirements to provide funding to the Scioto County Engineer for making, correcting and keeping up to date tax maps if the engineer has been designated by the board to do so.”

Scioto County Engineer Craig Opperman acknowledged there has been an ongoing effort between his office and Auditor’s office to get county tax maps on the internet.

When asked what this opinion means for those efforts, Opperman said, “I don’t know what this means (on the efforts to get the maps online). Funding still revolves around everyone else, the Engineer’s office is trying to get them online with corporation with the other offices, we are trying to make sure something will be done that would be in the best interest of the county.”

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