Carpenters build ramp to help paralazed man

By Frank Lewis

September 14, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

The members of Carpenters Local 437 will be involved in a project Saturday to make life more convenient for an area young man who suffered debilitating injuries in a dirt bike accident.

Trampas Puckett of the Carpenters union said Brandon Yazell, 20, of Valley View, West Portsmouth, who races dirt bikes, suffered a broken back and neck, leaving him paralyzed from the sternum down. Now, Yazell is scheduled to be released Thursday, and will find maneuvering his way to his house daunting. Local 437 and several local businesses have decided to come to his rescue and build a ramp to make things more convenient.

“One of my members who knows the kid came to me and asked me if there was anything the carpenters could do to help get the kid a ramp built,” Puckett said. “So I brought it up at a meeting and 10 to 12 of the members signed on that they definitely want to come and build the ramp for the kid.”

Puckett said he talked with a lot of the local contractors and he has a list of those who are going to donate money for materials for the project.

Mechanical Construction, J & H Erectors, Portsmouth Construction Services, Fluor B&W, Early Construction, Safeway Scaffolds, Brand Scaffolds and Wise Services.

“I talked to Randy Coriell at Portsmouth Building Supply, and they are helping us out cost-wise on it,” Puckett said. “They’re giving us the materials for cost, and everything is going through them. And Randy told me that, as it is right now, all the materials are covered. So we are going to give any extra money that we get to the family.”

“A bunch of carpenters are going to go over Saturday and we’re going to build a handicap ramp that is going to consist of a couple of different landings, and we’re looking at around 36 feet of handicap ramp. One that winds around and comes out,” Puckett said.

Puckett said there is a reason the Carpenters Local 437 got involved in the project.

“It’s something we always try to do to make people aware that we’re not just part of the community, we are the community also,” Puckett said. “We want people to realize there are organizations out there that still want to help people, and there’s different ways to do it. We help out in the community whenever we can.”

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