NB School installing new LED sign

By Ryan Ottney

September 4, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

NEW BOSTON — Nearly a year after opening the doors to its new building, New Boston Schools is still putting a few finishing touches on the property. The district is now running wires at the terrace next to the school to install a new LED sign at the corner of Oak and Lakeview. Once complete, the electronic sign will welcome visitors to the school and share the school’s announcements and schedule, all in vibrant photo-color.

“We were very pleased to get it,” said New Boston Superintendent Mike Staggs. “It’s a 16mm LED sign, and the millimeters are the spacing between the lights. So the closer the spacing, the truer quality (the picture will be).”

The remote-controlled sign will be two panels of 41-inches by eight feet, along Lakeview Avenue and Oak Street in front of the New Boston stadium. Staggs said the price tag on the sign was $23,500, and $19,000 of that was donated by the Glenwood Class of 1952.

“We had our 60th year reunion last year in July, so we wanted to do something good, something memorable for the high school,” said Charlie Bond, of the Class of 1952. “We felt like, let’s do something for the school and also do something to let them know that those from the past are still excited and backing them up.”

The remaining money was paid by the district, using funds they raised from the auction of the former Stanton School in January. The district also sold prints of the old buildings by artist Charles Clevenger, and inscribed bricks outside their building, to raise money for new technology in the school — including the sign.

The project took a little longer than originally expected because the school had to re-wire parts of the stadium first.

“The wiring to the concession stand was hideous. They had to re-wire everything from the press box where the power comes in to the concession stand. Then in the concession stand they had to completely redo the service there. That was all cost and time we didn’t plan on,” Staggs said.

Now finally, he said, the new sign should be finished within a couple weeks.

“I think it will get your attention. Just because the Class of ‘52 wanted special for the new building, which is once in every other lifetime,” Staggs said.

The school district passed a local levy in 2008 to build their first new school building in nearly 100 years. Ground was broken in April 2011, and the school opened in November 2012. Ohio School Facilities Commission will conduct its 11-month walk-through of the school building next month. At that point in the project, Staggs said, the OSFC expects to see everything finished. He said there are still a few minor details waiting to be completed at New Boston School, but they would not interrupt the school’s classes or schedule.

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