August 18, 2013

Southern Ohio Medical Center


July 23

David Cook and Dianna Harris of Portsmouth, daughter

July 24

Amy Stiltner and Sean Stiltner of Piketon, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Throckmorton of Lucasville, son

Kyle and Courtney McGraw of Minford, son

Denny Pertuset Jr. and Darlene Bender of Portsmouth, son

Crystal Gilbert and Carl Cade of New Boston, son

July 25

Mr. and Mrs. AJ and Jacquelyn Perkins of Lucasville, son

TJ and Miranda Wallace of Beaver, son

July 26

Ashley and Justin Donley of Waverly, son

Kelly Dyer of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Bruce and Rebecca Kalb of Portsmouth, son

July 29

Crystal Houston and Jason Adkins of Portsmouth, daughter

Justin and Holly Cook of West Portsmouth, daughter

Phyllis Wampler and Reece Caseman of Portsmouth, son

July 30

Brittany Stone and Mike Zornes of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Curtis and Megan Artrip of Wheelersburg, daughter

Destiny Lowry and Matthew Yates of Beaver, son

July 31

Josh and Erin Fannin of Portsmouth, son

Chad and Larin Perry of Lucasville, daughter

Dustin Stover and Shawna Briggs, son

Mr. and Mrs. Scharbrough of Pketon, son

Hayle Cassity and Shane Swords of West Portsmouth, daughter

Rusy Clark and Tamara Fyffe of Greenup (Ky.), son

August 1

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wellman of Greenup (Ky.), daughter

Kory Rogers and Cortnie Maynard of McDermott, daughter

Autumn Lyons and Trevis Miller Jr. of South Shore (Ky.), son

August 2

Hunter Starr and Ashley Norman of Waverly, daughter

Kevin and Alicia Hay of Portsmouth, daughter

Brandon Meadows and Dorothy Wright of Portsmouth, daughter

Scott and Gwen Garrison of Waverly, son

Wesley Scherer and Maegan Washington of Portsmouth, son

Nichol Loop and Keiffer Cain of Portsmouth, daughter

August 4

Viktoriya and Richard Nash of Wheelersburg, son

Mr. and Mrs. Amanda and Doug Schwemlein of Greenup (Ky.), daughter

Carly Jenkins and William C. Thorp of Blue Creek, son

August 5

Brian and Desiree Hunter of Lucasville, son

Nathan and Brooke Dalton of Lucasville, daughter

Ryan and Shellee Sandlin of Lucasville, daughter

Jim and Shanna Cox of Lucasville, son

Ashley and Andrew Kleinman of Wheelersburg, son

Sarah Pollitt and Chris Music of Piketon, daughter

August 6

Brigette and Bobby Fritz of Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Ambria Hanzel of Wheelersburg, son

Chasitee Collins and Brandon Dean of Wheelersburg, daughter

Ethan and Jennifer Morgan of West Portsmouth, daughter

August 7

Kayla and Billy Reinhardt of West Portsmouth, son

Nicholas Alley and Cheyenne McGuire of Lucasville, daughter

Keith and Katherine Conley of Wheelersburg, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Canter of Minford, daughter

Kayla and Justin Horsley of West Portsmouth, daughter

August 8

Jimmy and April Floyd of Wheelersburg, daughter

Tabatha and Andrew Osburn of Peebles, daughter

Chris and Tanya Yerardi of Portsmouth, daughter

Chasity Nutt of Piketon, son

Ed and Amanda Jordan of Waverly, daughter

Courtney Benner and Christopher Middleton of Portsmouth, son

Chrystian Cantrell and James Miller, son

August 9

Brian and Jessica Collier of Wheelersburg, daughter

Crystal McGowan and Robert Lawson of Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wagner of Wheelersburg, son

Johnna McCane and Donny McCane of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Anthony and Rebecca Rickett of Lucasville, son

Mr. and Mrs. Cage and Clarissa Howard of Portsmouth, son

August 10

Eddie Barber Jr. and Melissa Bowling of Wheelersburg, daughter

Benito Blancas and Alisha McAlister of Portsmouth, daughter

Bethany Miller and Catlin Miller of Portsmouth, son

August 11

Manuel Loften and Adrienne Jordan of Portsmouth, daughter