PACT keeping it simple with family geared fundraiser

August 17, 2013

Joseph Pratt

PDT staff writer

The Portsmouth Area Children’s Theatre (PACT) is planning a family game night fundraiser in hopes of keeping it simple, while providing a good time for everyone. The PACT committee has been working hard to organize an evening with various board games for all ages, life-size board games and live shows to keep everyone laughing and having fun.

Becky Lovins, Portsmouth Area Arts Council (PAAC) executive director, believes that this night is the perfect fundraiser for the kind of entertainment and values they support.

“We envisioned an evening where everyone in the family could come and have fun,” Lovins said. “We are going to have game tables where the little ones can come and play UNO, Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders, the older kids can play Battleship, Monopoly and other more mature board games, and we are thinking about a card table for games like Yuker for the adults.”

When PACT began planning certain events of the evening, they realized a major core of the evening would be a live game show series to take the stage all night. Games like Name that Tune, Family Feud and Minute to Win It will dominate the stage while all of the board game tables are going on. For adults or those not interested in playing games, there will be audience seating, where people can watch the live game shows on stage.

Family Feud is being organized prior to the game night and PAAC is accepting six families in the registration with a $50 entry free and five people to a family. The game will be set up with single elimination.

“I think Family Feud is going to be one of the most fun points in the night. The term ‘family’ is being used loosely,” Lovins said. “It can be composed of people you consider family members, if you want to make a team.”

Prizes will be available for participants to win, which Lovins plans to keep true game show fashion, where smaller prizes can be used to have the opportunity to win larger prizes.

The younger kids will also have a larger caliber of games to enjoy, with life size game mats. Candy Land is one of the games that is being planned.

While the evening is focused around games, the events will be kicked off by a dinner. Dinner is being supplied by retired catering service, Simply Elegant, who now focuses on event coordinating and decor. Dinner will be composed of a pasta and salad bar, drinks and deserts.

All proceeds from the family game night will be going towards the cost of the PACT trip to Atlanta, where they will be attending the Musical Theatre International Junior Theatre Festival this January. PACT has been trying to increase attendance of those going over the past few years and this year are fundraising to help parents pay the $195 registration fee. So far, fundraising has allowed them to cover $100 per kid so far, but they would like to not only cover the complete cost of their registration, but some of their hotel cost as well.

The following Monday, Sept. 2, PACT will be having a rummage sale in the proximity of the Wheelersburg flea market.

The family game night will be Thursday Aug. 29, from 6-9 p.m., at the Friends Center. Admission is $8 for kids, $12 for adults and $35 or a family of four. Children under four get in free of charge.