Khoury celebrates 20th anniversary at SOMC

By Frank Lewis

August 16, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Dr. Thomas Khoury has been in on the growth of Southern Ohio Medical Center since the early days of his arrival in the city of Portsmouth.

“I came July of (19)93 to Portsmouth, so I’ve been here 20 years,” Khoury said. “Clearly, if you look at how the building looked 20 years ago when I was here and how it is now, the size of the institution has gone up significantly. It’s a brand new facility. It has state-of-the-art equipment, and the medical staff has expanded. So we’re offering more services now, and clearly this place has grown significantly over the last 20 years.”

Employees, co-workers and friends gathered in Khoury’s office in the Braunlin Building on the SOMC campus Thursday to celebrate his 20 years of serving the community.

“All the folks I work with here, I see them every day. I occasionally spend more time with them than I spend with my own family,” Khoury said. “So I treat them like family. So they’re all like family to me. So we, in a sense have a close relationship with those individuals on a professional level. They’re all hard workers. They all really invest a lot in the community. So we’re very blessed with the close relationship.”

Khoury said those types of relationships are very different from similar circumstances in a big city.

“In a big city you’re probably one in a million,” Khoury said. “Here we’re just a small group that will make a big difference. When our patients come in they feel like they are at home. So it’s very unique.”

Food was served, the conversation crisp, and the atmosphere at Khoury’s office Thursday was one that reflects big care in a small community.

“The first celebration that I did was 10 years ago,” Khoury said. “So on the 10th anniversary we had something like this. So I figured, since we did it at 10 years, let’s do it at 20. And certainly you can reflect on what you have done in the past; what you’ve been through, and all of that. It is just simply amazing - first how time flies - and, two, how far along we have come. I’m particularly proud I was really part of the growth of the hospital. There’s no question about it, to have seen the fruits of our hard work come to fruition.”

Khoury is a board certified surgeon, part of Southern Ohio Surgical Associates.

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