You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

August 11, 2013

Portsmouth High School in 1919- Submitted by Dave Huffman

Andy Lyles wrote: Again…she was a beauty! I wonder how many class and group pictures were taken on those steps over the years?

Dawn Sandoval wrote: Blows my mind that I went to school in the same building and walked the same halls that looked exactly the same to kids in 1919.

Bonnie Jett wrote: As I have said before, this architecture cannot be duplicated in the schools being built today. Not cost effective I know, but the kids nowadays are missing out on a great school design.

Karen Sue Wikoff wrote: Still a beauty even with no landscaping yet, sitting so austere.

Rebecca Kees Riley wrote: I remember all of the pictures of various classes, band groups, etc. being taken on the steps for the yearbooks!

Thomas Wright wrote: I miss you PHS.

Bonnie Jett wrote: The pigeons loved that arch over the doorway. Someone decided that it would be a good idea to put a fake owl up there to scare them away. I went by and the pigeons were sitting on the owl. So much for that!

Carol Starrett Schisler wrote: Great picture. The older school buildings had such style.

Bill Mault wrote: Loved that old school.