KDMC donates to Baby Basket campaign

By Frank Lewis

August 4, 2013

In Response to, “Baby Blanket Program Helps Children in Need”

By: Kari Riegle , Director of Community and Physician Relations King’s Daughters Ohio

About a month ago, one of our radiology technicians, Cathy Alley, read an article in the paper written by Frank Lewis (in the Daily Times). The article was titled “Baby Blanket Program Helps Children in Need,” and it was regarding some of the needs of Scioto County Children Services. Specifically, it was asking for help with their Baby Basket Project. People were asked to assemble lots of baby items in a basket and donate those baskets to Children Services. Alley wanted to help and brought it to our attention to see if King’s Daughters Medical Center Ohio could help as well.

At King’s Daughters Medical Center and at King’s Daughters Medical Center Ohio, one of our five key priorities is community. Our health system encourages volunteerism among its team members, physicians and other health professionals. Last year 2,781 volunteers gave more than 33,000 hours to support community health and other KDMC sponsored projects. We felt that this project was an excellent opportunity for our team members to give back to the community in Scioto County.

In the original article, the goal of Scioto County Children Services was to collect at least 75 baskets and 15 car seats to help families in need. King’s Daughters Medical Center was able to donate all of the car seats from our “Safe Kids Program.” Then, our team members in Portsmouth kicked in!

The King’s Daughters Medical Center Ohio team members donated items to fill approximately 20 laundry baskets full of supplies. Some of the items included: baby clothes, blankets, food, safety items, over the counter medication, bath supplies and hand towels. James Neil, manager of our urgent care, even donated a handmade baby quilt from his wife Rita Neal.

King’s Daughters Ohio’s Administrator, Kim Grooms, was thrilled with the overall participation and generosity of the team.

“Our team members really had fun with this community project. Our lobby area looked as if there had been a giant baby shower. We were proud to be a part of this,” Grooms said.

Dr. Lorra Fuller, Executive Director of Scioto County Children Services stated, “We are so fortunate to have Kings Daughter Medical Center as a community partner. They saw our need and quickly came to our aid. It was so uplifting to meet the staff that made the donations of the baby baskets and car seats possible. It was evident that they are kind, generous, and caring individuals. The children and families in our care will greatly benefit from the generosity of KDMC and KDMC-Ohio and for that we are truly grateful.”

Scioto County Children Services does so much to help children and families in need in our area. Their goal is keep Scioto County’s children safe and KDMC Ohio is 100 percent supportive of that goal.