It’s all Fair Game for Albanese Amusements

By Ryan Ottney

August 4, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

Each year the Scioto County Fair, in Lucasville, is packed with rides, food, and shows, but it just wouldn’t be the same without the games. Albanese Amusements in Huron, Ohio, has been providing games to the Scioto County Fair more nearly 70 years, and owner Michael Albanese said he’ll be ready this year.

As a child, Michael grew up traveling with his parents from one county fair to another. He said the family business has been coming to the Scioto County Fair since the 1940s, and he always enjoys the experience.

“It was pretty neat (growing up). I got to meet a lot of people, and I made a lot of friends. I got to see a lot of Ohio. We came from Columbus Ohio, and I always liked Scioto County because they always had good name entertainment and I like the different changes in the views; the hills and stuff. In Columbus we don’t have any of that,” Albanese said.

Now Michael is the owner, and he continues his parents’ tradition, bringing games to Scioto County. Each year he and his brother bring about 30 popular games to the fair.

“One would be the water race game, where you squirt the water in the target and the animals go up the track. First one to the top wins. There’s the machine gun shoot out, where you shoot the red star off the paper with the air BB gun. The basketball, duck ponds, and the goldfish,” he said.

Lucky players will win fun prizes, featuring some of their favorite popular cartoon characters. But the classics never go out style, either, Albanese said.

“Of course the regular standby is still the fluffy teddy bear,” he said.

The busy season begins in June and continues through October, Albanese said. He’ll typically visit 20 county fairs in that time.

“Over the years I’ve done business there in town, like at Gahm’s across the street getting tires for the truck, and going to the grocery store. Over the years, they know to stock up over fair time. I’ve always said that anybody in the town that would be mad because the fair is coming, that owns a business, would be crazy because all the trucks need gas. The gas station people get more money. The grocery store gets more money. Everything in general brings a lot of revenue to the town,” Albanese said.

He’s looking forward to the Scioto County Fair, which he said is always one of his favorites.

“Scioto County is one of the better fairs because for one thing a lot of fairs charge you to get in, then they charge you more money to ride the rides, then they charge you more money for the grandstand entertainment. It all adds up. But at Scioto County you pay at the gate and you get access to all of it,” Albanese said.

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