Bobcat spottings not uncommon in the area

SSU Sports Information

July 2, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Hearing the late night cries of a bobcat in your backyard? You aren’t alone.

“There are quite a few (bobcats) in parts of Scioto County,” Mark Schemmel, Adams County Wildlife Officer, said. “By any means they are not prevalent, abundant. But we are starting to see some numbers come back in southeastern Ohio in particular. They’re infiltrating their way west over into Scioto and Adams counties. They are in Ohio. They’re nothing to be concerned about if you don’t have any kind of livestock or anything like that.”

Schemmel said he has never heard any reports of bobcats attacking or showing any aggression towards dogs.

“Bobcats don’t get real big,” Schemmel said. “A mature male might be 45-50 pounds at the most. They’re like other wild animals. If they come in contact with domestic dogs or humans, they’re going to scurry and run the opposite direction in most occurrences. If it were to get cornered, it’s going to revert to it’s instincts and show some aggression, but I don’t believe there has ever been any kind of bobcat attacks in the state of Ohio. So I don’t see them posing any threat in that manner.”

Schemmel said people who experience a bobcat sighting should call 1-800-WILDLIFE, and report the sighting to the authorities, so they can keep a record of such sightings.

“We keep a pretty accurate toll on those, and we have some studies going on throughout southeastern Ohio - roadkill studies and just sightings in particular, for some of their dispersion rates and where they are in the state,” Schemmel said.

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