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June 28, 2013

Harley Davidson

Submitted by Teresa McNeer Hairston

Teresa McNeer Hairston wrote: This is a photo of my grandfather’s (Harry McNeer, Sr.) shop on Second Street where the Chinaberry Tree was. He is the one on the right.

Elaine Allen wrote: What year was this taken?

Joe McNeer wrote: I think that was 1915.

Tom Baldridge wrote: Wasn’t that Pyles Harley shop?

Joe McNeer wrote: Pyles shop was just west of there. This was my grandfather’s shop he bought from the Glockners. He eventuality sold it and went into the car business on 9th Street.

Joe McNeer wrote: These pictures hang in the Portsmouth Motorcycle Club with the names and dates. There are four different pictures that were donated by Ebby Glockner. As a kid the Harley shop was on Market Street then moved to 4th street. It was then purchased by Benny Baxter and moved to Galipolis in the early 80s.

Tom J Keller wrote: Wasn’t there also a McNeer Packard, or Nash or Studebaker auto dealership in town?

Ron Gulley wrote: Joe, Tom, asked about the McNeer aauto dealership on 9th and that was your father, Harry McNeer, right?

Joe McNeer wrote: Yes Ron, my grandfathers and fathers dealership.

Eugene Dee Russell wrote: My late father always liked to purchase his cars from Harry…

Ron Gulley wrote: When I returned from Japan in ‘80, my father-in-law, Ray Horton, took me down and introduced me to his friend, Harry, and I bought a ‘78 Malibu Wagon from him which I needed to move my family and belongings to South Carolina. I had the Malibu for over ten years and both my boys learned to drive in it.

Mary Lou Duplain Church wrote: My husband, Gary Church, and I were members of the Portsmouth MC club back in the 70’s. In fact I was the secretary and I still have a scrapbook with articles. We put on the race at the fairgrounds every year along with the Lions Club. If I get to come back in Dec, I will try to find you Joe and get that scrapbook to you.

Joe McNeer wrote: Being the oldest club in the nation, we try to display the history of our great club and community on our walls for everyone to see. Next year we celebrate 120 years of cycling!