Emergency exercise taking place in Lucasville

May 28, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Residents in and around the Lucasville area should not be alarmed if they see something unusual going on today. The Scioto County Local Emergency Planning Committee will exercise their chemical response plan on in a simulated propane tanker roll over that occurs in a delivery to the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. Valley Township Fire and EMS will work with Jefferson Township Fire Department, Rush Township Hazardous Material Response Team and SOCF’s Fire Department in working through the scenario this morning.

Scioto County EMA Director Kim Carver said the Institution and the immediate neighborhoods will be exposed to the propane when the truck vents its contents. Population Protection measures will be taken for the immediate neighborhood and the institution itself. There will be four employees outside that will require transportation to the Southern Ohio Medical Center for treatment. Additionally, simulated exposures from the nearby community will be treated at the hospital to test their readiness for a mass casualty situation.

Carver said each year the Emergency Operations Plan for the county must be exercised to ensure readiness for agencies to coordinate in times of crisis.

“The Exercise will test Population Protection measures based on initial size up of the crisis at hand, and, emergency public information,” Carver said. “An In-Place Shelter Order will be simulated that will be released to the public through the Emergency Alert System, news media outlets and social media simulation. SOMC will practice receiving and handling contaminated patients in a mass casualty situation.”

Carver said said this year, by combining the annual exercise with SOCF, security plans and hazardous material procedures for the State Maximum Security Prison can be reviewed and tested as well.

Participating agencies today include: Scioto County Emergency Planning Committee, Scioto County Emergency Management Agency, Scioto County Sheriff Department, Scioto County Health Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Ohio Emergency Management Agency, Ohio Public Utilities Commission Hazardous Materials Division, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Homeland Security, Southern Ohio Medical Center, Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, Rush Township Hazardous Material Response Team, Valley Township Fire and EMS, Jefferson Township Fire Department, Able Ambulance Company and Ohio River Valley Chapter of American Red Cross.

“Residents near the prison may see increased emergency vehicle presence Wednesday morning. Those who listen to scanners may hear radio traffic about the drill but should not become alarmed as it is only a drill,” Carver said.

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