SOMC births

May 27, 2013

May 5

Nathan and Danielle Vest of Portsmouth, son

May 6

Mr. and Mrs. Harbolt of Lucasville, daughter

Jon and Chelsie Putt of West Portsmouth, daughter

Molly Knox and Branden Ball of Wheelersburg, daughter

Angela Ayovi of Portsmouth, son

May 7

Mr. and Mrs. Luke McGlone of Lucasville, son

May 8

Jeremy and Renee Pitts of Lucasville, daughter

Amy and Billy McKenzie, son

May 9

Michael and Katie Allard of South Webster, son

Jodie M. Puckett and Shane Jessee of Minford, daughter

Natashia Clarke and Anthony Burchett of Portsmouth, son

Lacy Connors of Portsmouth, daughter

May 10

Mr. Bobby and Wilma Fletcher of Piketon, daughter

Rodney and Sara Hatfield of Waverly, son

Megan Meyers and Justin Lewis of Sciotoville, daughter

Kierstin Combs and James Donahue of Waverly, son

Courtney Overacre and Andrew Alcid of Portsmouth, daughter

May 12

Donald and Joanna Bowling of Lucasville, son

May 13

Cody and Montanna Robinson of Waverly, daughter

Tracey and Adam McCoy of Friendship, son

May 14

Mechelle Smith of Portsmouth, daughter

May 15

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Greenhill of Portsmouth, daughter

Will and Kristen Collier of West Portsmouth, son

Misty Freeland and William Stevens of Piketon, daughter

Joel Bolden and Arturo Dunson of Portsmouth, son

David A. Mays II and Danielle Campbell of Otway, daughter

May 16

Lynsey and Stephen Arey of Portsmouth, son

Russell and Hope Veach of Quincy, son

Zach Parker and Kelsey Burton of Oak Hill, son

Amy Colegrove and Kyle Sloas of Minford, daughter

Tasha Rotenberry and Mark A. Holt II of West Portsmouth, son

May 17

Shannon S. Williams and Tyler Ross of Peebles, son

Steven and Nickie Hodge of Otway, son

Josh and Cheryl Mitchell of Portsmouth, son

Amanda Jo Miller and Jesse Duane Miller of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

May 18

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Garvey of Jackson, daughter

Kayla and Joshua Mead of West Portsmouth, son

Russell Riffe and Tracy Reed of Portsmouth, daughter

May 19

John Henson and Tracy Stiles of New Boston, son