Deputy investigates potential animal cruelty case

May 23, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a possible cruelty to animals case in West Portsmouth. Acting on a report, a deputy went to a residence where he found two dogs tied up outside with no food, water or shelter on a day when the temperatures were in the upper 80s.

The deputy noticed a young tan colored dog tied up to a post on the front porch. He said there was an empty bucket near the dog, and no visible sign of food or even an empty food bowl. He also found a black dog tied to a tree in the front yard. Another bucket was tied to the tree, and it too was empty. Again, there was no food or shelter.

As the officer investigated the scene he located a dog pen in the side yard that was shaded by trees. It contained two dog houses and several empty bowls. He said both dogs appeared to be thin with their ribs showing, but did not appear to be malnourished, “only slightly thin and underfed.”

The deputy attempted to make contact with the resident, but was unsuccessful. Being concerned about the dogs being exposed to extreme heat without food, water or shelter, he asked dispatch to call a humane officer. According to the deputy, voicemails were left for the officer. He then talked to people at a nearby business and asked them to provide water for the dogs. The people at the business said they had been giving the dogs water and food for some time.

The Sheriff’s Office was able to retrieve the name of the person who lives at the residence through the license plate of a vehicle parked in the driveway and they are pursuing the case.

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