I feel cranky

G. Sam Piatt

May 18, 2013

Dudley Wooten

PDT Outdoor Columnist

You know, I’ve often said that my articles are always written to be positive and good news. They’re meant to be informative and possibly humorous. That’s why they keep me back near the funny pages. This thinking also keeps me off the front page, because that seems to be too much about negativity and bad, depressing news.

As you’ve read, I’m a hunter, and my son Jon runs triathlon, marathon, and Iron Man events. He qualified for Boston and could have been there. We all have family and friends with school children. The events of terrorism that have plagued the American landscape in recent years are evident. It is also apparent to me that the American policy and approach to combatting this is absurd, insufficient, and reflects that we’ve learned nothing from history and preceding cultures.

When some self-serving, totally warped and selfish low life wreaks havoc on innocent, helpless victims, we call it terrorism. The judicial and executive entities then get on a political bandwagon to punish all the law abiding citizens for the heinous crimes of a few perverted cowards. Is this the easy way out for political agendas to be achieved? It must be because it makes no sense to me with respect to logic and fairness to the multitudes.

When we think we should disarm America because a few idiots have caused tragic events - that is wrong. That’s neither the values nor the thinking of those who founded The Constitution and this great country. Have we learned nothing from European gun registration, that lead to gun confiscation, that lead to all the power ending up in the hands of the rich and the outlaws?

Have we not learned from the Native Americans how to deal with weird misfits that abuse the laws of the tribe and humanity? The only reason that Custer lost at The Battle of the Little Big Horn was that the Indians had more men and better repeating rifles. The only reason we won the war was because we had more men and guns eventually.

You’re upset about school shootings, theater shootings, and marathon bombings, and you should be, but don’t come after my gun. Be sensible and firm.

Go after the source – the demented individual that did the crime and punish him to the fullest extent of the law. That’s right – you already have plenty of laws in place to control the problems of murder and terrorism – enforce them. Allow the police and judges to deal with the guilty swiftly, and severely, and share this with your elected officials who want your vote the next time.

If you want better background checks, you should ask someone other than the guy filling out the paper. If you’re looking at a background check to cure the problem, apply it more so to mental stability, immigrants, and scholarships. Do you realize that the Boston Marathon bombers are immigrants from Russia, on a scholarship? Yes, we’ve paid terrorists to be educated here and enjoy the Land of the Free so that they can fly into the World Trade Center or bomb the marathon. In either case, the answer is clear – innocent Americans were killed by warped, misguided, ungrateful animals. These individuals don’t have any respect for you, your beliefs, or life itself. This is why cultures have had Great Walls, fortresses, and armies. It was to keep those who would harm them out. They didn’t disarm their own citizens and they didn’t impose a gun/ammo tax to try to disarm them. WAKE UP AMERICA – this barrel of apples is rotting from within.

Yes, I feel cranky. We could chain one terrorist’s ankle to a stump and put a chain and come-along to another stump on the other terrorist’s ankle. I’ll be happy to crank the come-along. This is turnabout terror, it’s an eye for an eye, and I’ll bet he will tell us where all his plans and buddies are. That’s the first phase. We then load them all on a rather inexpensive boat and head it toward wherever they came from. The third and final stage is to totally blow this vessel out of the water in shark infested territory and far, far from land. If they survive this, then they can reapply for citizenship and scholarship again, and I’d be happy to review that background check. What does any of this have to do with you coming after the guns of law abiding citizens, because of the loss of innocent American lives, security, and values? Tell your elected officials that enough is enough and we will elect those who know how to deal with the real problem, in the appropriate way.