Suspended doctor has hearing scheduled

May 14, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

A doctor whose medical license was recently summarily suspended the Ohio State Medical Board, has requested an administrative hearing. Dr. Adam Hall, D.O., 39, of Powell, Ohio, whose office is located at 407 Third Street in Ironton, was suspended on April 1, when the State Medical Board said he was leaving blank prescriptions for others to fill out.

According to the particulars of the Notice of Summary Suspension, around March of this year as a part of an investigation concerning Hall’s treatment and prescribing activities, several determinations were made. Among the charges is that his office manager observed Kevin Bowers, a convicted felon and former physician whose certificate to practice medicine and surgery in Ohio was suspended, was independently examining patients and issuing prescriptions by using a signature stamp with Hall’s name and/or by filling out blank prescription slips Hall had pre-signed.

Additionally, the investigation determined that Hall worked only three to four days each month, and that he would routinely stamp and/or pre-sign blank prescription slips for office staff to subsequently complete at a later date in order to provide patients with drugs, including controlled substances, prior to his return the following month.

The Medical Board said further evidence showed that Hall was outside the United States from Sept. 15, 2008 through Sept. 24, 2008, when he traveled to Rome and from March 28, 2012 through April 1, 2012, when he traveled to Zurich, but the office’s medical records for patients numbered 1 through 9 for the purpose of the investigation, showed he had done examinations and evaluations during those dates.

Joan Wehrle, of the State Medical Board said the hearing is currently scheduled to start on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. and continue as necessary through Wednesday, July 17, 2013. The hearing will be held at the Medical Board’s offices in the Rhodes State Office Tower, 30 E. Broad St., 3rd Floor, Columbus, OH 43215-6127.

Wehrle noted that no disciplinary action will be taken at the administrative hearing, as that will be done by the Medical Board members during a monthly Board meeting at a later date. There is also the possibility that the July 15th hearing date may be rescheduled.

Specifically, Hall is accused of is accused of violating Sections 4731.22(B)(5), 4731.22(B)(10), 4731.22 (B)(15), and 4731.22(B)(20), of the Ohio Revised Code.


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