This is Reds Country

April 29, 2013

Dear Editor,

When Time Warner came into our area we were on a feed from Cincinnati. A few years ago they changed us to a Columbus feed. There were some good channels we lost end some we gained. Now there is a problem that they are unwilling to fix. Instead of carrying the Reds they are showing the Columbus Hockey games.

Columbus has always been a football and basketball town due to Ohio State. Even with a Triple A baseball team the sport took third place.

Now they are promoting hockey heavily because of the money it has brought to the Broad and High area. Great! I am glad for them.

But what about us in our area? I am a native of Scioto County, and all my life I know this area’s folks are strong Reds fans.

Like throwing a bone to a dog, Columbus is taping the Reds night games and carrying the hockey games live. Then the following day Showing the taped Reds. That’s like reading the last chapter of a mystery novel before you read the beginning! No thanks!!

Maybe if enough people go to satellite they will get the message. Frankly, I do not have much hope. Why? When I called Time Warner and tried to tell them how strongly baseball is followed here, I mentioned Branch Rickey. The guy said he never heard of him. Didn’t have any idea who he was.


Norma Graf

Reds Fan