Stolen dreams

April 29, 2013

In the course of the last few months I have been asked by some state workers to write a letter to the editor regarding the private enterprise and state jobs at risk as a result of Governor Kasich’s policies.

Our Governor, along with the statehouse, has initiated several efforts to create private control of our state garage, parks and even a possible construction of the bypass Portsmouth project. The Governor is not subtle about his desire to eliminate state jobs and provide opportunity for his political financial friends.

The attempt to privatize schools, state jobs and toll roads are simply arrangements to fatten the wallets of political supporters and reduce the numbers of union workers who oppose him. History has many times proven the private control of any facility results in less service, more expense and degradation of the facility. It allows for profit to replace serving the people. We have witnessed this in the so called contract schools which have, in the guise of more effective programs, ultimately fell short of public education in most cases.

I am additionally concerned with Kasich and his state house efforts to cease funding of state family health services. This program has been the light in the darkness for many families below the poverty line. We live in a wonderful state, a state that has been noted through the years for the caring of our less fortunate. Why would we now deviate from that course to the detriment of the masses and the privilege of the few?

Finally, Scioto County has been my home for three generations. I have traveled to many parts of our nation and beyond, I am proud to say I would not wish to live anywhere else.

In that regard however, let us not for political, or any other reason deviate from that which makes our county and state so special. Let us retain the mark of “caring” and the reputation of loving our neighbor as thyself.

By word, written and spoken. By the ballot box if necessary, we must resist the selling of our state and county to the highest bidder.

Clyde Mowery

Lucasville, Ohio