Records set during Southern 100 Tune-Up

April 29, 2013

SOS Release

WHEELERSBURG — It was a record breaking night Friday at the Southern Ohio Speedway for the Southern 100 Tune-Up as both Josh McGuire and Todd Robinson set new track records in time trials.

McGuire took the lead to start the night’s 25-lap Late Model A-Main as Jason Montgomery quickly passed R. J. Conley to move into the second position. Montgomery immediately caught up to McGuire as the two had a great battle for the lead.

For much of the race, Montgomery stayed within two-to-three car lengths of McGuire, who would run the middle groove while Montgomery ran down low. The two stayed this way as coming to the white flag McGuire slipped a little bit high of turn four passing a lap car, allowing Montgomery to get underneath him as the two were side-by-side as the crossed the flagstand to take the white flag.

Montgomery drove hard into turn one and made the pass to stick to take the lead and come across the checkers to make a last lap pass to win. McGuire finished second with Conley third, Greggie Oliver fourth and Joe Ramey fifth. McGuire won the dash race while Oliver won the heat race.

Doug Adkins and Robinson battled each other for the lead to start the night’s Modified A-Main. The two battled side-by-side on the opening lap with Robinson slowing a lap later with what looked to be a flat tire.

On the restart, Adkins and new second place runner Montgomery fought for the lead. The two battled lap after lap with Jeremy Rayburn joining the mix to make it a three-car battle for the lead. At one point, the trio were three wide for the lead off of turn four.

The race took a dramatic turn on lap 13 when Montgomery spun while battling for the lead and collected Rayburn. Rayburn had to pull off with a flat tire while Montgomery continued.

When the race restarted, Dave Jamison was now in second and immediately went after Adkins for the lead. Jamison stayed right with Adkins the remainder of the race as they were nose-to-tail coming to the white flag.

Jamison stayed with Adkins through turns one and two and drove the car in deep into turn three to battle side-by-side with Adkins and make the pass in the middle of the turn, only to have Adkins come back underneath him. Off of turn four the two were wide by side in a drag race to the start-finish line with Adkins edging out Jamison by two feet to take the win.

Travis Dickson finished third, Mark Dickson fourth and Adam Jordan fifth. Adkins won the dash race while Brian Skaggs and Hubie Hatfield won heat races.

Tim Scarberry led the opening four laps of the night’s GCP Engines Sport Mod A-Main with Mike Newton taking the lead on lap five. Last year’s track champion Eric Dennison came right up on Newton as the two battled next to each other for the lead.

Dennison was able to make the pass on lap eight and led the remaining laps to take the feature win. Brianna Robinson finished second with Phil Colley third, Josh Tibbs fourth and Kenny Neal fifth. Scarberry, Danny Hamilton and Tony Whitt Jr. won heat races.

Barry Brister scored his third feature win of the season in the Pure Stock division with Jerren Perdue making a last lap pass to score a very exciting win in the Legends car division.

The Southern Ohio Speedway returns to action this weekend for the biggest weekend of racing in the track’s 46-year history. The 18th Annual Southern 100 weekend will take place Friday with the Southern 100 Qualifier and Saturday with the Southern 100 Championship.