SOMC Births

April 20, 2013

April 6

Sylvia May of McDermott, son

Darlene Marks of Beaver, son

April 8

Tierra Simeona of Wheelersburg, daughter

Sabrina Hilger of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

Cliff and Natasha Ward of Portsmouth, daughter

Phoebee Owens and Michael McRoberts of Waverly, son

April 10

Greg Swords and Charlotte Bender, son

Brittany Hughes and Joshua Lovejoy of South Shore (Ky.), son

Justin Lewis and Heather White of West Portsmouth, daughter

Julienne Strickling of Portsmouth, son

April 11

Starla Culver of Franklin Furnace, son

Tony Spiess and Stephanie Collins of Wheelersburg, son

Ashli LaPointe and Jonathan Cook of West Portsmouth, son

Jessica Musick and Corey Hannah, son

Clarissa Young and Stephen Royster of Piketon, son