Study shows support for expanded background checks

April 17, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

According to Project New America, voters in Ohio favor background checks for gun purchasers. The study reportedly shows the majority of Republicans, Independents and NRA supporters in key states, including Ohio, back a bill to expand background checks.

PNA sources say the data shows there is also a break between GOP voters and the party’s political leadership on that issue. In addition to Ohio, voters in Arkansas, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, and North Carolina support the expansion. In all seven states, PNA says the majorities of GOP voters favor background checks, and the background checks are supported by voters who view the NRA favorably in every state.

“We’ve seen strong nationwide numbers on background checks for years. This data shows that in key Senate swing states, voters overwhelmingly support expanding background checks,” PNA President Jill Hanauer said. “We are seeing Washington D.C. finally catching up with the American public on the issue of background checks.”

Hanauer says the study shows in Ohio, 85 percent of African Americans, 66 percent of Hispanics and 57 percent of white voters favor background checks. All three groups are 60 percent of more likely to support their U.S. Senator if their senator votes in favor of background checks.

“With nearly 90 percent of Americans supporting expanded background checks, it’s time to put politics aside and do the right thing,” Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) told the Daily Times. “By ensuring responsible gun ownership, we can protect both second amendment rights and our children and communities”

PNA says, “Working with noted pollster Anzalone Grove Liszt Research, PNA surveyed two of the key Democratic Senate seats up in 2014 - Arkansas and North Carolina.”

PNA says it also surveyed five of the moderate Republican Senate seats in Ohio, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire and Nevada with Public Policy Polling. They said the set of polls represents the largest data set of opinion research in those key Senate seats and “clear evidence that the new bipartisan agreement for background checks has strong public support.”

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