Plan ahead

April 13, 2013

Dudley Wooten

PDT Contributor

It’s not too early to make spring plans.

Maybe the groundhog can’t make up his mind, but you can. It’s the “design-build” approach combined with “the early bird gets the worm” concept. The time is upon us to discuss, plan, and bid the landscaping home improvements we need.

This is the time to call and make an appointment for a landscaping bid, which starts with a meeting and discussion on site, about the needs. As you and the landscape designer discuss the possible enhancements, you also discuss probable costs and alternatives.

This leads to a second meeting, when the contractor/designer presents a “bubble plan” or functional plan of how the proposed changes fit into the big picture, or the flow of things. A closer idea of costs is emerging now.

The next visit would be the presentation of the landscaping design. This would include the views, colors, and perspectives to allow you to see it as the designer sees it. This “vision” allows insight, and minimizes surprises.

This approach is good for changes in landscaping, lawns, or structure. The timing is good to get the process started, start narrowing down the choices and schedule the work.

Plan ahead, spring is just around the corner. When the vision and the budget of the homeowner connect and coincide with that of the design/bid contractor, you have a plan that comes together.

Now, don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Now is the time to start it so it can come together. As they say, “Nobody plans to fail, but some fail to plan.”

Once again, your project may be trees, shrubs, perennials, maintenance, walls or lawn, but they all need a plan and the time it takes to properly sequence them.

In closing, let’s reflect on some of Ben Franklin’s thoughts on planning and procrastination.

“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

“What can be done with care, perform today, dangers unthought of, will attend delay.”

“Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.”


“What may be done at any time, will be done at no time.”

These quotes are those that my mom always used on me and I’ll pass them along to you, as they apply to the business of landscaping and life, in general.

These quotes remind me so much of mom that I will use this beautiful snow day to go visit them. It’s a perfect setting there at the cemetery with the snow on the spruce.

That’s some of the best things about a family cemetery — it’s peaceful, private, serene and never far away. This gives me every reason to spend time there with them and remember them.

They’re never gone, until they’re forgotten.

Dudley Wooten can be reached at 740-820-8210 or by visiting wootenslandscaping.com.