Thieves targeting tools

April 8, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

At times, it appears thieves concentrate on a certain item and this past week that item has been tools.

Several homes or garages were hi, and a multitude of tools taken. Thieves hit a property on Second Street in West Portsmouth where a chainsaw, valued at $250, an air compressor, valued at $400, a battery charger, with a value of $50, and a $200 power washer were taken. In addition, two splitting mauls, valued at $225, a trolling motor, valued at $175, a circular saw, with a value of $50, and a hydraulic jack, with a value of $40.

Other items taken in that entry include a ratchet set valued at $600, sockets, valued at $300, metric sockets with a value of $300, a socket set valued at $680, ratchets with a value of $400, and a socket set with ratchet, valued at $100. Another socket set valued at $400 was also taken. Thieves also go away with an impact wrench, valued at $260, a torque wrench, valued at $310, standard wrenches, valued at $500, a pry bar set valued at $360, an angle grinder, valued at $150, and a four-inch grinder, valued at $220.

Two houses on Carey’s Run Pond Creek Road in West Portsmouth were also targeted with a lawn mower valued at $400 and a $90 weed trimmer taken. Also stolen was a Sawsall, valued at $70, a $200 acetylene torch, a wrench and socket set, valued at $200, and a $300 chainsaw taken.

An entry at City View Avenue in West Portsmouth netted thieves a $400 chainsaw and a metal bender, valued at $2,500.

Tools were taken from a residence on Fourth Street in West Portsmouth. An assortment of tools, including two ball peen hammers and other tools, as well as a GPS unit, subwoofer, and amplifier were taken.

Thieves hit a home on Blue Run Road in Lucasville, grabbing a circular saw, valued at $50, a black air compressor with a value of $125, and a red air compressor, valued at $250.

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