West students tour Ohio Statehouse

Frank Lewis

April 6, 2013

West High School from West Portsmouth was welcomed to the Ohio Statehouse on March 13 as a recipient of a 2012-13 school transportation grant. Nearly 58 students toured the Ohio Statehouse and Ohio Statehouse Museum as part of their field trip to Columbus.

The West High school received a $400 grant to help defray the cost of visiting the Ohio Statehouse. The grant was made available through a generous gift from Honda of America Mfg. Inc. and the Wal-Mart Foundation. The grant amount was based on mileage to the Ohio Statehouse.

“We were thrilled that West High School was awarded one of the transportation grants made available through the Capitol Square Foundation,” said Carolyn Callihan, U.S. History Teacher. “Our recent trip to Columbus allowed the students to learn about the historic Ohio Statehouse and the workings of state government. We were welcomed to the State House by Senator Joe Uecker who spoke with the students of the importance of education and voting. It was truly a unique learning experience for West High students.

The school bus transportation grant program funds were made available on September 4. A total of $72,000 was awarded to 240 Ohio schools through the third year of the program. Eighty (80) grants were awarded in three mileage categories on a first come-first served basis. The three mileage categories included 1 to 50 miles, $ 200 transportation grant; 51 to 100 miles, $ 300 transportation grant; and 101-plus miles, $ 400 transportation grant.

Source: Washington-Nile School District