Just say no to Chicken Little

March 22, 2013

Yes, I am one of those that the Portsmouth Daily Times demonized in their March 10 editorial that nobody at the Times took credit for writing, it just had “Our View” at the top of the editorial. Yes, I like to travel Third Street when I go to South Shore or somewhere on Second Street. Yes, I know there are other routes for me to take, but why should I have to? I know it’s hard to do, but I like to drive on streets that do not have pot holes and Third Street is one of those streets. Just give us the facts on how closing Third Street is going to excel the growth of SSU, do they have plans to put buildings in the middle of Third Street? They built the university and all of the dormitories without closing Third Street.

Readers, there are no facts for closing Third Street. Let me tell you what the facts are, we have property owners in this town that are using SSU, they want the traffic moving in front of their property, that will eventually raise their property value where they can sell or rent for a higher price. The Times said in their editorial, eventually Gallia Street could become a hub for new businesses. So, that means the residents that live on Third Street or south of Third like Jackson or Charles Street will have to drive six blocks out of their way to get to Second Street and vice versa the residents and visitors coming from the west on Second Street or Kentucky that are going to the river front for camping, or parents taking their kids to a baseball and football games at the stadium, Notre Dame players, visitors going to Spartan Stadium.

The university has already given permission to emergency vehicles, why should we have to close of the few streets in Portsmouth that doesn’t have pot holes?

What really makes me mad is these property owners using our college as a pawn for their own advantage, even the Times is trying to make us believe if we don’t close Third Street the college will pack up and leave in the middle of the night. The writers of the PDT have already given us Chicken Little, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, if we don’t close Third Street.

Now give us the stories with facts on No. 1, why should we close Third Street? and No. 2, what will stop the university from growing if we keep Third Street open for traffic?

Ray Mitchell