Judge proposes city cleanup day

March 12, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Portsmouth Municipal Court Judge Steve Mowery proposed a citywide cleanup day at Monday night’s Portsmouth City Council meeting. He also gave his support to the measure to bring up the benefits for non-union employees in line with those given to union personnel. Mowery started by thanking Council for their service to the community.

“I appreciate your service,” Mowery said. “I know all of you are intelligent people, well-meaning people, and I wanted you to hear that tonight.

“Another thing I’m proud of is our employees who work for Municipal Court,” Mowery said. “I’m proud they exercised their right to speak tonight. They’re non-union. Sometimes the non-union person does not have any voice. They don’t have the opportunity to speak in a unified manner. So I did want to point out that I’m proud that our employees were here and spoke tonight.”

Mowery said last week people from his court, doing community service, cleaned up U.S. 52 coming into Portsmouth.

“We had two crews of 20 people, and we had the help of Steve Hamilton from New Boston, who provided a truck, and the help of (City Services Director) Bill Beaumont, who give us a truck and people and dumpsters,” Mowery said. “We had three dump trucks from our city, full of things that we pulled up. We had a street sweeper out, and it looks a lot better.”

Mowery said he is in hopes the city will support a cleanup day.

“We have talked about how a lot of the townships in the county have cleanup day,” Mowery said. “I’d like to do that in Portsmouth. We’re talking about May 25 - I mentioned it to the Mayor, and I wanted the folks on Council to be on board with it. We’re talking about trying to get some dumpsters, large dumpsters, and roll-out dumpsters that we could put maybe behind the court, and require that people have a Portsmouth ID, and they could throw things in and get rid of them. Not harmful items that may be unfit for the environment. Bill Beaumont is going to try to get the transfer station open for us that day. We’re going to have to purchase through our court, from Bulldog and Gahm’s - Gahm’s in Lucasville, and Bulldog from Wes Coriell’s place in Wheelersburg, that might provide the large dumpsters.”

Mowery said he had also spoken to an individual who would provide a front-end loader to mash down the trash.

“We are hopeful we can advertise that and get the City Council on board and have people cleanup the city to make the place look a little better,” Mowery said.

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